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hmm soooo whats new. ummmmm it's the first of september:( school starts in less then a week. AGGGGGHH. anyways i'm leaving in like an hour to go to stillwater? idk. some place. its reeeeally nice and my moms bf has a cabinn and loads of land with a hot tub and stuff. its nice, matt's coming =D he hsould be here soon. he got his license! hetaher came over last weekend it wassss so much fun! lolll. i dyed my hair. and i quit my job. haaaahhaaaaaaaa. life's good.

i have to pack =D byeeeeee

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i moved out of my dads house. and now he doesn't talk to me.
i went to the doctors last monday and i have to go for the like 3 hour test thing but i have to get this medcine they inject into you and it's rpetty ironic because it isn't in like ANY pharmacy, unless you buy the entire case of it which is like $700. anywaysss i go to that like in a week. umm i worked pretty much all week. and made like 200 in tips. soooooo yeah. i still havent bought a shirt for work though. and matt came home on friday. and then we went to vermont and it rained. but there was alot of food... and people. WIERD people. and kevin leaves in a week. and. i need a life.

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sooo ive been working alot. but i madeeeee about 150 in tips. soooooo haaaaah! i went shopping onnnn wed with matttt and we bought tons of clothes and he looks sooooooo ADORABLE int hem. lololl. he left on friday though but hopefully he'll come back early to go to vermont with me. i was gonna ask a friend or something but i figured no one would actually go through with going. sooooooo i have about 1 day off which is 2morrow andi have to go to the doctorsss. boo. and then tues adn wed i babysit and make like 150. haaaah! i love money. thursssss pieeeeee shop. and then friday i have to cook all this food for the party me and my mom are catering on saturday then i leave for vermont. =)

sooooo i went out to eat tonight withhhh my family for kevin and my gpas birthday. i had this REAAAAALLY good CHICKEN stuff. and now im super full. and so tired. i love sleeping witht he window opena nd the fann right on me so i can bundle up in blankeeeets!

and lately its been GORGEOUS out. i've been outside like everyday and at like 9 2 nights ago me and my mom went jogging it was so nice.

but anyways. i'm going to go and annoy my brother and thennnnnn BED! hahahhhhhhhhh peace.... kidddddddds

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That's Wilbur the Watermelon, Wilby for short.


My life. =)

this is proof, thati need alife. lolll. Or this is proof that i'm enjoying my life. Me and matt went grocery shopping for my mom and this is the end result along with tons of food. Yesterday, matt said he'd be at my house around 4 but then again he said this at 830 while half awake, he got here at 230 when no one else was around and waited an hour and half until we got home. I felt pretty bad, but i laughed. =) I work every thursday now, so come visit me. PLEEEEEEEASE. I have a phsycialll on the 14. andddd on sunday i have to help my mom cater a BARBEQUEEE/ it's going to be ridiculously hot out. And thennn matt goes away for a week, but when he comes back we go up to vermont for a weekend, with him =D. And then he takes his roaaaaaaadd test!!!! or he might end up taking it in a week, i fthere is a cancellation. which is preeeeetyy nifty.

That's about it, i'm excited for school. because i barely see annnnyyyone.

the end.

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blah blah.
i hate making plans, everytime i do they get broken.
and for some reason i'm now a mother whenever im at my dads, yep cool.
i can't stand him, and probally can't stand you either.
like it's my job to clean THEIR dishes, which i DONT eat off. do HIS laundry. and e's all i would do yours, yeah but i DONT want yhou to. therefore its nto a win win its a i do everything. erm, fuck that. you have a girlfriend marry her already and just have your fucking 2nd family move in. k, it'd make the worlda better place. and we could all fucking move out, you know the people that aren't your own.

AKA, the one's you don't give a shit about. =D

but anyways i love matt & my mommy. =)=DDDDD

and i think i'm hanging out with him, because he's my biffff and that;s the only person i hang out with =D even though he works like 24/7! godddd.

they changed disney 411 to disny 365, that's incredibly homosexual of them. rude.

i watched ocean's 12 againtonight, my life is incredibly exciting.

i go to the doctors in 2 weeks, and againnnnnnnnnn a week after =D woot. exciting? i know. i try.
i got a tan, your mom sucked my dick. and i'm awfully hungry.


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um so i cant really remember what i did since the last time i wrote. i babysat. today =) party last week. whcih was pretty amazing. dad gets home tomrororww. camera broke again. met my OLD friends from beacon which was crazyyyyyyy! hung out with mattttt. anddddd worked out every day =)

i think matt is here now. anddddddd i need a new job, my boss sucks cock and takes my tips. Urhhhhhm cool.

it's h ot out. im going up to brians cabin sometime again this summerwith mattttttt and to lake compounce with him andd uhh idk to the city with my mommmmy. and i really want to go to six flags because i love it.

later kids. ♥

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Kevin ,
Even if I hate you more then words can describe sometimes, I think that you are one of the most influential people in my life because I know that no matter what you are always going to be there for me. I have always looked up to you and admired you. On the first day of school I was always nervous because I didn't know where to sit on the bus, but you always knew you just went on the bus and didn't have a care about it. This made me sad because I was never as courageous as you were and I couldn't face things like this. You always did well at sports, while I quit everything I had tried. I had always wanted to once be better then you and have you tell me that I did a good job or that you were proud of me, this is yet to happen. I think one day our friendship will reach the point where you are able to say this to me. However, right now I am proud to say that I am Kevin Monroe's little sister and I am proud of him and everything he will do and has done. I know this is corny, like mom's poems or gifts she gives you but they mean alot because they're from the heart and they mean something. I think you deserve to know that alot of people care about you and will miss you while you are away at college. You've proven many times that you can acheive your goals and become something. This is just a reminder that you can do everything and anything. And no matter what happens I will always stand beside you.
Love always,
Your Sister.

this is what is written on the first page of kevins scrap book. it's nice so far. i leave in less then a week, next wed. and i come back the following wed. i've gone to the gym every morning this week at 530. and i keep gaining weight. my mom was btihcing at me today cause i never take my medicine because its not prescirbed. and i think if i don't get a doctor's appointment soon, i will kill someone. because i can no longer keep guessing what i have, i think it's about time they make up their minds.

anyways, life is good. tell me what you think about the letter.


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so ummmm last time i wrote was after the bio regents. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i forget well thurs aubrey came over after the gym we laid outside. then went to andreasssss and hung out. and then adrienne came over and we went swimming at matts. lolollll it was funn. friday was kevin's graduation :( saaaaaaaaaadd. we went out to eat after with the perry's = AMAAAAAAAZING. saturday i had to work as a waitress i made 50 in tipsbut GAY boss took half. GAYGAYGAYGAYYYYYYY. sat night i wentttt to the movies with aubrey hgeather madiha matt and andrea and we saw nacho libre and it was stupid so we left it and got pizza. :) then me heather madiha and andrea went to walamrt and had fun. and bought little kid clothes. and stress books. =) then me and heather had to run back to the movies. and this guy asked if we took any change. HAAAAAAAAh. anyways sunday work. then matt came over. monday matt came over. and today i went to the gym at 630! then did some errands with my mommmmmmmy =) and now im home. and im going to make kevin's graduation announcements. how exciting. i think 2morrowww campout? IM NOT SUREEEEEEEEE. lollll i have to babysit 2morro from 7-4 gay. nedxt week i go away. idk if i am. cause of the whole leg thing and idk if i wanna. CAUSE PARRRRRTY?! and im definately going to have a party next week at my moms cause shes going awya and SAID I COULD.

whaddd up thugs. okay im outtttt.


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how sick of me must you be by now? while you're standing just
outside of
what your pride will allow, always reaching into yourself to
find a new way to
understand me. when i'm sure that there's no one else in the
world that could
withstand me. yeah, the first person in your life to ever really
matter is
saying the last thing that you want to hear. and you are
listening hard through
the splintering shards of your life as it shatters. and you're
standing firm
and you're staying close and you're seeing clear. i took to the
stage with my
outrage in the bad old days when you were the "make me mad" guy.
the songs they come out more slowly now that i am the bad guy.
and i say, baby
i'm sorry that i am so crazy, i am astounded by your patience.
but you say/
"believe or not baby, the joy you bring me still outweighs
yeah, the first
person in your life to ever really matter is saying the last
thing that you
want to hear. and you are listening hard through the splintering
shards of
your life as it shatters, and you're standing firm and you're
staying close
and you're seeing clear. tell me how sick of me must you be by

Ani Difranco- Sick of me.

after i looked for a good 15 mins for it, i loved it EVEN more. not the voice just the lyrics. so umm 2morrow, i think gym,getting aubrey. TANNNNTANTNTANTNANTNTAN, maybe andreas or something later? durno! hmm kevin's graduation is FRIDAY and im SUPERSUPER exicited. =) hmmmmm... i go away in like 2 weeks, idk if i want to go, if my docotrs appointment ends up being t hen, i wont be going. hmm i also dont wanna go cause kevin is going to be HAVING PARTIESSSS! so i finally got walk to remmeber back from dickface. =D and i watched it, SUCKAAAAAAA.

so this whole adrenal thing is actualyl cause by built up suppressed rage. HAH, cool.

=D yeah, supppreesssssssed rage. EH>?!!!!!!!

im in a good mood.


gay?! yes. i <333 summer. ♥ OUTTIEEEEEEEE 5000

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so im making kevin this scrap book for his graduation and it's really cute =)
i have to scan like 50 pictures though. and tonight were going out to eat for his graduation/ fdather's day dinner. but it's cool. anyways i pretty much love life right now except i need to go to the mall and buy bras.

so i need to study for bio, cause i dont even think i can passssssss. so someone come over and we can have a sutdy session. FOR REAL.

=D toodles ♥